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Making a Winner's Game Even More of a Winner's Game

We believe we have found the three Keys to Prudent Performance.

  • Due to ever increasing Productivity, the stock market is a winner's game, and the outlook for Productivity has never been brighter.

  • Due to Fear, Greed and Human Nature, the stock market's valuation (multiple) transgresses from extreme lows to extreme highs and back again.  This is a 20-30 year Mega-Cycle; the long-term stock market is a series of linked Mega-Cycles. We believe the long Up-leg of a new Mega-Cycle began on March 9, 2009.

  • Index Funds both produce near-perfect diversification and, with time, should outperform 85% of all actively managed funds.  Low fees generate net performance each and every day.


These three Keys should deliver Prudent Performance.

Peace be with you and your portfolio,

Chip and Skip Wells
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